8 reasons why you should not miss the Progressive edge Mother Toddler Program with your child!

1. Learning and Development of your child – 90% of the brain develops by the age of 5 years. We learn all the activities required to live in these years – walking, talking, reading, writing, eating, cleaning, etc). These are the foundation years of life and research shows that investing in early years gives kids an edge
in their future.
2. Develop Social Skills and prepare for independence – With most of us in nuclear families, kids hardly get peers of same age to play with. Mother Toddler Program gives them the opportunity to mingle with other kids and strangers. Since they will be starting playgroup at the age of 2 years, this program helps them develop independence while ensuring that you are around during this new phase of life. Bonding with quality time – Bathing, feeding, cleaning and outing your child to sleep are routine tasks.
3. Quality time is the time you spend with your little one with eye to eye contact conducting meaningful play. As a mom, how much time can you be able to take out? Along with time, being creative with activities might not come naturally to all. Leave the planning to us and you enjoy the show!
4. Making memories for life – Doing fun activities consistently with your child and capturing those
moments certainly will be the biggest treasure of your life. These moments will for sure bring a smile to your face throughout your life.
5. with like-minded moms – While motherhood does bring the biggest joy to a woman’s life, post-partum years with so many changes and erratic routine can be a little overwhelming sometimes.
Spending time with moms going through the same phase helps you become a happier mother, relax a
little away from home while ensuring that your child is with you – enjoying and learning.
6. Father Child Events – Apart from mother child activities, we have routine father child activities during our program. This gives a chance to fathers to spend quality time with kids while you moms can enjoy a brunch with your friends!
7. Carefully Designed Program with a mix of early childhood methodologies – PROGRESSIVE EDGE Mother Toddler Program has a unique blend of various methodologies like Montessori, Waldorf, Multiple Intelligence, experiential learning and especially Design Thinking. The varied backgrounds of our teachers and founder brings a global edge to the program.
8. Opportunities to participate in our exclusive events – PROGRESSIVE EDGE is known to be pioneer in children education and activity events under the PROGRESSIVE Moms Club. Be it our PROGRESSIVE MOM N CHILD Contest, Math Marathon or our global conferences. Being a PROGRESSIVE mom gives you the privilege of exposure to all the events.
Most importantly, these years are precious and will never come back. Make the most of them!


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